The Harsh Realities…

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Harsh 1

Unblind the Mind (presents “THE HARSH REALITIES ).

   “Feeling The Rage…

Tired of the Hate, Tired of the Lies, Tired of the Fake, Tired of the phony, and your Fuck Me disguise. Sick of the Game, Sick of the Fix, Sick of the Same, Sick of the Tricks, We’ve got the Remedy, and this is the Shit!                                                

  “Join The Battle… good vs evil Out with the Old, In with the New, Exposing the Truth, Now what you gone do, with no place to run, no place to hide Bringing the Light into the Dark making you easy to find, cause Its Time to- “Unblind the Mind…                                       

   “Mindset of The Warriors… warrior mindset2 We Ain’t  gone Give up, Shut up, Let up, but Keep the Head up,  stayin’ Fed up, about to put the foot Dead up in your asinine plan to control the masses, with social classes, looking through rose colored glasses, got them wanna be’s kissing your asses, and trying to pass as a freed slave in your subliminal maze, but there’s a serial “Lie Killer bustin’ the Truth in the Mist of the Purple Haze…                    

      Exposing The Dream for the Nightmare… in debt Got you drowning in debt to get it, so with credit you sublet it, but later regret it, If you think you own the shit, you better forget it…paid ten times more than any of this shit was worth; to find you really never owned nothing- since your date of birth… That house with White picket, thirty year ticket, that bubble done busted, now we “Have a Dream on just where you can stick this Nightmare; Mortgage, car note, gas and light bill, out my paychecks money that you steal… House, car, health insurance, just passed the limit of my endurance, Enslaved by fucked up governments, fucked up systems, fucked up Laws, from fucked up -isms…   They say as long as you live paying taxes is a surety, all for what? 65 years of unsocial in-security. .. I Just be Damned, looks like we all got scammed!

    “One Life to Live… one life


Wasting a whole lifetime is the only True Sin, just kicking up dust and uh, grasping at the wind, believing the lies and trusting in this here Snake, has been this whole world’s greatest mistake –and uh now you looking in the mirror at the world despising what you see, and screaming at yourself, and trying to put the shame and blame on me, but you been a dumb ass of your own accord, spending all your Time grinding for bullshit was something that you couldn’t afford. Living, looking and listening at your life through the minds and goals of everyone else, when you should have had the uncommon sense to check it all out and live for your self!

   “The Awakening… spirit awke 2 What on earth were you thinking, the hell you been drinking, pills you been popping, dope you been smoking, shit you been watching, junk you been reading,  got you stuck on stupid since you started teething…O.D’in from the poisons cause they been feeding you strife, come to find it was the vine of all the shit in your life. Injecting – Habits  in your veins and brains that  you just can’t Kick-  was the source of the stress and mess that’s been keeping you sick,  downloading Mr. and Mrs. Smith into your system straight from the Matrix … ”Unblind the Mind.

    “The Roots of Confinement… gods and devils Gods and Devils, Heavens and Hell’s ain’t nothing but Prisons and Jail cells for your mind, body, soul, and spirit leaving you destined to fail, fall, beg, crawl, plead, need, heed the fear that brings you right down to your knees…you got them Hypnotic Religions that blurs the vision that says that love, peace, and freedom only exist on the other side, Designed to Bind, Confine, and Blind the Mind to be weak, making it easy to get the masses to kill one another In the name of Gods that play Hide and Seek…Over Two thousand Years of the same old shit and you ain’t seen or heard any one of them speak.                                                    

  “The Purge… pop2 Limited resources, limited space, Selective Extinction is their only solution for the future- if you don’t measure up for a space and place in the  so called New World you can expect to be exterminated, spade or neutered. Now it’s always been about Population Control, survival of the fittest and the Elite is how the story unfolds, Pumping and Pimping Illusions and Images of fear was the best way to claim power and control with the means to take all the rest of your monkey asses up out of here after they’ve mastered how to flip the scriptures and the planets magnetic poles, until then… From Dictators to Democracies, Wars will always be the method of choice, only the cries of the people and the dead can break the mold just by using their voice. Press enter if needed for Plan B…Tainted air, GMO foods, and water, imported and exported diseases from the labs in and out every border, Pharmaceutical and Ill-natured based pills and spiritual liquors, all genetically design to get you hooked and make you sicker and die quicker.


Population Control continued…

Spiraling from life to graves, masters to slaves, humankind into apes, using experimental hormone therapy’s on the unaware masses being treated like lab rats being chemically castrated and made infertile, turning kings into queens, and queens to gays, even controlling your mind, and even the weather with unnatural disasters through the MF’in air waves. To the next penetration of the next generation, and the next, all the way to generation-X, Y, and Z, all rooted from the “Lie about a Serpent in an Apple Tree and the “Snake Bite, that’s what’s got the whole world vexed… “Unblind the Mind. 

     Epilogue; The Storm before the Calm. calam before storm


martial law1


Now when I took the antidote, this is what I saw, the control knob of the whole world set to turmoil and under marshal law, world wide upheaval- set in motion by a frequency beamed all over the planet causing raging and rioting just from watching HD-TV… Coming from Cell Phones, the Internet, and GPS systems, they made sure that almost everybody had at least one, but even if they didn’t- the signal was just that strong, causing the brain to choke, still reaching all of the have not’s, like second hand smoke.

haarp4 Using the ionosphere like a modern day Pied Piper, transmitting (E)lectro(M)agnetic (P)ulses of venom from a Hi-Tech Viper… paralyzing your Mind, and Puppeteering your Life just by plucking the strings on the Haarp, super low frequency so that you are unaware and unable to realize that they got you just following the script, and playing a part in wiping the hard drive bare, changing the mainframe, running the virus scan, activating that Global Spy ware…all to install the new Windows 666 Operating system, to load, reboot and restart, and then they just pressed enter for instant Victims, instant fools, instant slavery all under the new and improved version of Superiority Rules… Another thing you got to understand is that all this doom and gloom is just a part of the Master (Disaster) plan, for that One World Government, New World Order, World Domination, Final Destination after they’ve fucked every thing up on the planet Earth they’ve got a just in case to colonize on Mars, as their hard drives system back-up,

mars1 but all of that comes tomorrow…on today’s menu there’s; mass hysteria1 In real-time Got dictators, countries and economies falling like dominos…the masses in a state of hysteria, screaming we’ve had enough we ain’t gone take this shit no more, and where I come from it made “The Wall Fall, and the so call mid, and lower classes took their anger to the Street screaming occupy this, and occupying that, but before you can occupy anything you got to take your own Minds and your Souls back… To See things straight you got to have some direction, “Unblinding your Mind is your only protection… S A 8  If it’s The Truth you really want, then it’s The Final Truth that you’ll see, The narrators of all this bullshit got an App- where they wrote their own Prophecies, so be aware and be wise and                                       Don’t follow Them,

                                      Don’t Follow Me,

Just “Unblind the Mind & Follow Thee! – and we’ll see you There.

lifes vortex                                        Unblind the Mind” 2-2-2012