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By clicking on the link below you will embark on a first class Voyage aboard our vessel destined to take you on a journey unto a New Perspective, a New Awareness, and a New Mindset in regards to how you view existence and the role and influence that each and everyone of us can have through our singular and combined efforts of Positive cause and effects that can change the World in which we Live from it’s current path of Destruction…Your round Trip ticket will allow you to see and hear exactly what our Mission and Visions are at “Unblind The Mind and if you choose, you too can join us and actively participate in bringing these efforts from a Dream State into Reality…

So without further delay click or touch on the link below and then click on the button that says “CREATION and from then on at your own pace click or touch the NEXT button to navigate to the next page of the Map that will take you to our Final destination to…


Ubtm Warning Page

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After you review our Map go to our “HOME PAGE to SET SAIL!

Coming Soon in 2015!
Though currently still under construction we are planning to Launch the Full Version of the “Unblind The Mind Website and Experience later this year.
We need and would greatly appreciate your comments, opinions, help and support in our Mission to research, uncover, reveal and Unblind the Minds of the masses as we all bear witness both Physically and Spiritually to the ongoing battles between “Truth vs Lies, Love vs Hate, Knowledge vs Ignorance, Peace vs War, and True Freedom vs Oppression.
If you agree with us, in that our mission and efforts are a worthy cause and investment, then any donation of funds, resources and services, media equipment, computers and other production electronics, or your own talents and time would be greatly appreciated and productively used in this Quest…
Contact us through our email; unblindthemind@yahoo.com for additional information of “How Can I Help? We hope that you will be joining us soon in this endeavor…

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