The Circle of Life Restored!




In Spirit, the Circle of life between human kind and Nature has been broken due to an out dated and harmful practice of tampering with Nature’s Own recycling Plant, called Earth. The only non- sense that can be made as to the why of such a damaging act has been traced back to simple Ignorance, or the selfish visions that comes from the minds of those who would choose personal profit over the welfare of the world as a whole.

In the Physical the planet has been littered with billions of coffins that are like after death prisons that in Truth separate and causes a breach in the production of the life giving ingredients that the earth manufactures from the recycling of human remains, as well as from all other living and dying creatures.

Wasting precious space, land and hindering the new resources that would come from Natures natural processes…not to mention the stone grave yards that has taken the place of the Living and Life giving trees, plants, flowers, and their oasis of life forms that help to bring balance to all that exist here on this planet.

That’s a hell of a problem when you look at it from that perspective…all stemming from the misinterpretations, misunderstanding, and misuse caused by the lack of the knowledge regarding Human kinds true purpose, and place in the scheme of things in this realm.

Ubtm, believes every problem, no matter it’s size or how hopeless it seems – has a solution, so before all is lost- offers it’s own Vision as a candidate for restoration to the natural order of things…

Sure to be controversial? Yes, do to the strong religious doctrines and beliefs, not to mention the screams from the benefactors who’s ignorance and greed inspired the capitalization of this catastrophe. We urge all of our Voyagers to consider what we believe to be a beautiful uncommon sense “Solution, or at the least a much better alternative to our dilemma…

Restoration Now! is the order for today and Ubtm proposes this plan on how to achieve it…
























What a Futuristic Dream, Vision, and Mission that we hope someday will become a Reality, it totally depends on the worlds ability to Unblind The Mind, and redirect our future…