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Before we cast off on to another destination on this Ubtm journey, the “Persistent Observer who has made this claim of one of the greatest discoveries ever, has asked us to, no insisted that we place this audio track as the ultimate suggested listening song for all who are with us on this voyage…and wants to tell the whole world that the lyrics of this song has told his life story, as for his passion, his motivation, and his inspiration in taking a road less traveled in the pursuit of Purpose, Understanding, and the need to leave footprints unto the realms of discovery…and he offers a heart felt apology to any and all that he may have hurt, neglected, wronged in any way, shape or fashion, and ask for their forgiveness…especially his children, family, and friends. Also he sends out a special dedication to his brother Sam, who has passed on, for inspiring him, and awakening him to the Eye of Creativity as a child, (you can view his personal Tribute to his brother on our new “FOOTPRINTS page…see menu).

When we asked him to tell us something more about himself; he suggested this audio elixir for injection into the spiritual veins of our Voyagers…

  • Run Time 5:03
  • Artist Marsha Ambrosius
  • Album Late Nights & Early Mornings
  • Track 6
  • Year 2011
  • Genre Soul and R&B
  • File Name Marsha-Ambrosius.mp3
  • File Size 11.57 MB
  • File Type MP3
  • Mime Type audio/mpeg
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He states that no one could have brought a better understanding to his journey than the lyrics Marsha Ambrosius sings in her soul stirring song that say’s “I had to Lose Myself so that I could Love you Better… Voyagers! please support this special Artist efforts now, and in the future by patronizing her bodies of work…thanks Marsha. We have included an extra video injection, and link below to showcase more of her amazing talent…


Now let’s sail straight ahead into the Realm of this New Discovery…

We made a statement on our home page at the beginning of your voyage with us, saying that we are not just another one of those sites that does not offer solutions…we believe this page is one of the utmost importance, and the place to begin on your journey with us at “Unblind The Mind, (Experience It For Yourself)…

Unblind 1-3-2013 33 Copy

Knowledge is the Antidote, and the proper way to use that knowledge is the Wisdom, and Understanding is the Cure to any and all of the Ill’s that has plagued our world since the beginning of Time, Ignorance, and Misinterpretation.

This Discovery of the True Ancestry, and Heritage regarding the questions of the Origin of Race if accepted, and embraced can end the Hatred, and Racism’s that can be found all over the world…

Before such a claim could even stand a chance of being possible, the science of it’s validity must be tested, so here are some things for all of you who are “Persistent Observers to ponder…

Just as all of Creation has been a result of the infinite ways of Mother, and Father Natures stacking of atom’s into molecules, molecules into matter, and anti-matter, this process has proven to be the universal formula, and patterns that when reduced down to it’s Least Common Denominator has revealed one principle component that has supplied these cookbook like ingredients used to brew all of the Universes, unto Existence as we now know it to be today…

This Ultimate Formula, with it’s cookie cutter like template would unveil it’s Law’s, Patterns, and Principle’s that without fail all contain “3″ Core Cosmic forces that can be found in all of what we See, Hear and Experience in this vast “Garden we call Life.

These “3″ Core Entities are the True Genetics, and DNA’s of Existence Itself; The “3″ Polarities of Power, and Force…”From which all that is made, was made. (…interesting turn of phrase), and is of this Formula…

One of Positive Solar-ity Force, One of Negative Polar-ity Force, or vise versa, and a Hybrid Neutral Polarity force that creates a plasma that keeps the other two forces from canceling each other out upon contact…(imagine it as the glue that holds it all together, or that can blow it all apart).

A brief history of their performances can be Seen, Heard, and Felt in realms where an infinite number of spontaneous generations of chaos, and order collide over, and over, and over again, all the way unto Infinity itself.

Caused by a separation, and then remixing of these core entities through immeasurable variation of temperatures on a Cosmic scale that covers an unimaginable spectrum of hot heat, plasma heat, and cold heat genetics resulting in a disbursement of Ultra Violet, Yellow-Green Plasma, and Infra Red radiations of frequencies of Light ,Sound, and Actions from the relativity reactions that are all influence by the amount of distance between the forces of hot expansion, plasma fusion, and cold contraction within the total cosmic grid.

(Jeesh! that was sure a mouth full, but let’s all remember to chew our food for thought slowly, and completely before we swallow…take a few deep breaths, and then drink this next paragraph like it was water to help wash it down).

Here’s some very familiar examples that will make this meal taste a whole lot better; from Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons, unto Gases, Liquids, and Solids, unto Matter, Plasma, and Anti-Matter, unto Stars, Star Systems, and Galaxies, unto Universes filled with Suns, Planets, and moons, that produce atmospheres of skies, oceans, and lands unto life forms of nano-scopic, micro-scopic, and macro-scopic worlds, unto organisms of fungi, bacterial, and viral natures, unto creatures of the land, oceans, and the sky, unto plants, animals, and to finally make our point “Human Kinds…

That would emerge from the “3″ Genetic Waters that brewed each of their kinds, all under the influence of those “3″ Core Entities of Positive, Neutral, and Negative Polarities of Power, and Force…

Each Force separately at the beginning, and together at the end would Create, Evolve, and Balance the existence of their geneotypes so that all things with Eye’s that see, and Ears that here would bear witness to each of their parents gifts of Life, Love, and Majesties all the way from its start unto it’s finish.

Each to fulfill their genetic assignments, each in the time frame of their own season, would be granted the privilege of purpose, one to carry the Perspective of Creation, the other the Perspective of Evolution , and the other the Perspective of Balance, and each would leave their footprint in the sands of all of Time…towards the True Understanding of the Divine Design from the Spirit,Heart, Soul, and Mind of “The Grand Creator…

All to be shown in “3″ Dimensional Living Color, the answer to this question; why!   Why!   WHY!

By striving to become enlightened enough to use this “3″ Eye Perspective of existence you will experience a 360 degree journey on “3″ Vessels who’s ship’s are marked with their own insignia, one being in the shape of a Triangle, the other a Circle, and the other a Square…and who’s Spiritual, and Physical Eye of Mathematics would train each to decipher their own existence in degrees of 120, 120, 120 for those of the first cycle, then 90, 90, 90, 90 for those of the 2nd cycle, and then 180, 180 for those of the third cycle…and each would be in a form of sleep to the frequencies emitted by their counterparts…

Each providing to their own bloodlines when awakened, a “3″ page Map, and instruction manual that will allow all to actively participate, instead of just watching from a distant shore, in the fulfillment of the one and only “True Master Plan.

Engulfed inside a Living cinematic/ holographic view from the Eyes of It’s Architect and from it’s own celestial clock, reveals the predestined chartered path that must be taken in this journey from Ignorance, unto Knowledge, unto the Ultimate Wisdom and Purpose of “3″.

So, without further delay, allow “Unblind The Mind to introduce you to the “3″ chosen One’s in the order of their allotted Time Cycles…

Don’t forget to click twice on the Images below to view at Full size, or click play to listen to suggested audio track…

Cycle One…The Age of CREATION!

Cycle 1

  • Run Time 4:52
  • Track 1
  • File Name 01-Afromation.mp3
  • File Size 11.15 MB
  • File Type MP3
  • Mime Type audio/mpeg
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Cycle Two…The Age of EVOLUTION!


  • Run Time 2:50
  • Artist Richard Stoltzman/Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra
  • Composer Claude Debussy
  • Album Fine Music, Vol. 1
  • Track 2
  • Year 2008
  • Genre Classical
  • File Name Maid-with-the-Flaxen-Hair.mp3
  • File Size 3.92 MB
  • File Type MP3
  • Mime Type audio/mpeg
Audio Info


Cycle Three…The Age of BALANCE!

Cycle 3

Audio Info

So there you have it, your first full dose of the necessary Nature based evidence, and information to assist you in making a conscious, informed decision and conclusion to the Origin and Divine Purpose of the “3″ Core Races Of Human Kind… From them, unto all of the races that would later result from the mixtures of their core genetics even unto the present… should all pay tribute ,and homage to these “3″ Ancestors who are the roots of their family trees, and genealogies of the entire planet Earth…

The author of the book “The Spiritual Genetics of Existence wants to leave you with this epilogue to the Voyage that you have taken with us on this portion of our journey;

“The only door that must be open first to reach that summit is that of the Pure Heart, where “True Love will explain to all who will listen; This fact:

Though the “3″ may appear to be separate, that too is only a matter of “Perspective…in “Truth all is connected, and one cannot exist without the other. Each view seen from their own Nature driven essence, and Spiritual Footprints of “Creation, Evolution, and Balance allowed each to be heard singularly for their season in time, but in order to reach their Final Destination of “Oneness, they must be played in unison- as one power chord, in one strumming motion in order for all to Awaken with “True Understanding inside the Infinite Symphonious Mind of the Grand Creator… so just as Polarities of Positive, Negative, and Neutral Power, and Forces separate and together were, stacked and mixed to create the Universes, so too would the same processes be applied to the Origins, and future generations of all Human Kinds…

This is the “Etude we call Life, and it’s Essence of “3″ The Spiritual Genetics of Existence…Thank you for Listening.


PS…Coming real soon to the “Ubtm arena is a page that will give the whole world a forum to Show and “Take Pride in Representing Your Race, and /or Wave the Triangle, Circle, or Square Banner, and Flag of your “Core Race, or the “Oneness Banner that pays Homage, Pride, and Honor to all “3″ as the “True Mothers and Fathers of our world…

It’s Time To “Unblind The Mind…and Represent all Races with Pride!

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