Ubtm Weekly Antidote

http:// This page is under the sub- category we call ” Hot Shots, which are elixir’s of Truth design to counter act the poisonous information that has been injected into the minds, hearts, and spiritual veins of the masses worldwide. Liken this process of brainwashing to the effects of a date rape drug that has been slip into ones drink- used to incapacitate first, and then Mind-sex all the inhabitants of earth while they’re in a deep, stupor of a sleep. Through using the power of Religions, it’s missionary’s, television, books, and other media of false, fake, fictitious, and straight out bold face lie’s has left all of it’s victims incapable of seeing, thinking, reasoning, acting against, uniting, or even remembering their assault. Forcing the majority to be used, and participate as Slave’s, and Overseer’s to their oppressors will, you will find this condition in every nation on this earth. This format is dedicated to the Awakening, Healing, Freeing, and eventually to the    ” Unblinding of the Mind of all who come to this site for treatment from these debilitating afflictions. This week’s first Video, and Audio injection antidote is from a series of highly enlightening works entitled Hidden Color’s… Prepare yourselves to awake in the realm of Truth about one Race of people’s stolen history that once totally uncovered, possess the power to transform the mindset of all races of people…

Let the Awareness, Freeing, and Healing begin for all Peoples;

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