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These are just a few of the services that this site will provide in the very near future, so stay in touch…

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“Unblind The Mind Needs your Help…


Unblind The Mind is driven by Love, and Compassion, and will dedicate Our efforts shown below to tirelessly work to help protect, find, and assist in the prosecution of anyone who would harm our children. This is a top priority issue in this world we live in because of the heinous, and shameful things that our children worldwide are being subjected to. We urge all of you who visit this site to join us in the fight to put an end to these atrocity’s…


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Please listen to this audio track written and arrange by one of Ubtm’s own…Vocals were performed by one of the local artist by the name of David Edge, please walk with them in your hearts, and minds through the tragedy this song portrays, then join us in the fight…

Ubtm takes pride in it’s dedication to educate our voyagers on the many hidden treasures of our universe, and has discovered the best and most effective way to get these jewels to take hold is though the medium of entertainment…this is where the term Edutainment would arise. So please click the image below to see the future plans of this site to present a forum that will do both entitled, “Edutainment Showcase. We can’t wait to get these shows on the road to enhance your knowledge, and wisdom… we will keep you posted on lift-off.

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Ubtm preaches, “The more you Know, the further you can go!

This is what has inspired us to develop the plans for our own online “Web University…covering true to life courses that are design to take one’s mind to the highest level possible. Soon you will be able to take the tour through our Hall’s of Higher Learning who’s banner boast this phrase- “LEARN then TEACH…click the image to get an idea of what you are in store for…then come back to this page and click play to listen to an audio track that’s sure to get you all fired up to enroll.

Don’t you want to work with us here at “Unblind The Mind?


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